Thursday, August 30, 2007

Parting is such sweet sorrow....

Alas, Queen Cassidy has decided to retire. She has purchased a villa in Tuscany and is in full pursuit of new dreams. Her passion for writing will never die, but her love of art and philanthropy with continue... Of course, I am still her humble personal assistant...(she still needs her daily lattes, mind you!) Can you blame her? She's now acquired an Italian hunk to share her days with and her new journey will hopefully take her to new and exciting destinations....

This is certainly a new chapter in everyone's lives... please continue to support these two wonderful authors as they go off on their solo careers...

Jax Cassidy

Amanda Jean Kelly

The words live on within the pages of Cassidy Kent's books....

ONE WICKED WINTER published by Amber Quill Press
FORTUNE'S FOOL published by


Sunset Key
Raleigh In Rio
Dolce & Diana
Miranda Writes (in the Fortune's Fool anthology)

Santa's Helper
Dear John
What Lies in Winter

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