Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Driving me nuts!

Queen Cassidy hardly answers my knocks. Sniff. Even when I pass the latte I get a quick air smooch and nothing more. When I signed up for this gig I expected company, not a workaholic boss who has no time for her dear assistant. She's even sent me out on spa day ALONE! Well, tonight I'm going to drag her tight little ass out of the office and order take out. Then, I'll flip to American Idol and we're going to watch it like any normal family, dammit!!

Sigh, that Taylor Hicks is mighty cute. In the beginning I thought he was interesting, but I must confess, I am starting to see another side of him that makes me jump up and whistle. It's totally not me. What shall I do for the rest of the day? Hummmm, I can always call Jax and harrass her. She's gotten a new job and from the sound of it--I should pay her a visit. Drop off some pastries...but of course, she loves her lattes too. I'm so there.