Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Miss Me?

I took a pseudo hiatus to settle in the confines of my condo to beat the unusal heat wave. When I grew bored I'd spend hours in the pool or invite a few of my friends over for a gourmet meal I whipped up after watching the FoodNetwork. I'm sure Queen Cassidy had a reason to allow me to have a bit of summer break while she worked on her hellacious projects. Seems to me she acquired quite a few leads at RWA Conference in Atlanta this year. Word around town was that she was quite the Diva.

Well, I can say that I'm enjoying the movies..including one exceedingly sexy man in tights and a pirate with an attitude. It's been a pretty boring movie year except for the occasional big budget action flicks. Lately, I've been turned on to Cassidy's Raspberry Mojitos. I spent a great deal of time perfecting the drink and now it's a craving that's hard to quench. Thank goodness I have little Trixie to babysit and that cute yorkie is a whole lot of fun after a few licks of rum.

Tonight I should be balancing my checkbook but I think I'll watch the elimination round of RockStar. Gawd, I want to crank up the A/C but seeing as there may be an energy crisis...I've been a good Thaddeus and have my thermostat on 78... Yes, I do care about the environment. I just signed a petition to help reduce global warming. In the scheme of things, $3 a month to the California Environment organization is a small price to pay if it helps prevent us from getting heat stroke.

If you've been out and about, you should take a long cold shower and everything will be back in perspective.