Sunday, September 24, 2006

Raleigh in Rio -- The Book Preview is now Available!


I'm proud to announce the new book preview for RALEIGH IN RIO. It's available on Cassidy's website. With the October 1st release nearing, I hope the little teaser will get you read for the steamy novella at RALEIGH IN RIO is the follow up to SUNSET KEY and even Freesia makes an appearance.

Please check out the book preview and tell me what you think...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy as a bee

Fine, I know. I've neglected my post. It seems easy to do with running errands, pooch sitting, traveling and trying to find Mr. Right. Gads, wouldn't it be easy to just run into your soulmate and not have to worry about the whole 'dating scene'. Frankly, I've been so involved in the whole trash rags and celebritydom... I suppose living in the La-La land it's easy to get roped into the gossip...fabulous juicy gossip, and often I can't help picking up an US or People mag at the checkout line. So what if it's ludicrous and fictitious half the time. Anybody with an inkling of sense would know that these mags didn't get sued for often do we hear that they run with the story before they can do a background check on the 'source'. Now that we're on the topic of celebs...if someone mentions TomKat one more time I'm likely to hurl. Then there's the hollywood break-ups, hook-ups, style disasters and such and I start to realize that Queen Cassidy is right. I need to wake up and smell the latte. Time to face reality...that reminds me, I've got a date with Mr. Braff...

On another note, Cassidy's SUNSET KEY is now heating up Fictionwise with a rush of tropical air and a stormy romance you'll want to cuddle up with long after beach-reading season is gone. This week only, her novella of love and second chances is available for 15% off the purchase price at Fictionwise! That's right, only $1.70 to check out the novella that Romance Divas called " idea of a perfect romance."

If you haven't picked it up, it's a must!

Also, watch for RALEIGH IN RIO to be out October 1st. I hear she's got quite the contest lined up for your newbies. Not to mention she's got SANTA'S HELPER still available at Amber Quill and WHAT LIES IN WINTER due out near the holidays...or at least when she gets the official release date.