Thursday, March 30, 2006

A perfect day

I woke up feeling like I had a blow to the head. Not the kind I don't bloody remember from the night before, either.

Sniffling, sneezing, stuffy-head fever...and, er, masculine peguin slippers (one of the gifts Cassidy gave me Christmas last year). Maybe I can do one of those flu ads...

Well, I managed to bring Queen Cassidy her latte sans foam with two packets of sugar cane. Just like she likes it. Just when I thought she'd run me ragged, she managed to surprise me. Yep, she wrapped me up in her fave cashmere blanket and sent her housekeeper scampering for the Lemon Chamomile tea. Needless to say, I'm camping out in her guest bedroom and surfing blogs. You can learn a lot from romance writer when you read their inner most thoughts online.

Yes, dammit, I'm a lurker. There, are you happy? I've admitted it, now Jax can get off my back about it. God, I dread to think now that she's unemployed how much time she'll be over for brainstorming sessions. Heaven help me, but that's going to double my latte runs.. Let me tell you, the woman may be pint size but she's got some serious energy. Tends to intimidate most everyone, including moi. Oh well, it could be worse..she could have a different taste in music than I do. How can I not love someone who shares the same sentiments about Zach Braff and James Blunt that I do?

Alright, I need to slip into a coma now. The fever is taking over and I need my energy to keep my job.

Sickly yours,
Thaddeus Brighton
Personal Assistant Extraordinaire

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lattes, Tantrums, and Spas

Being a Personal Assistant Extraordinaire to author Cassidy Kent can be quite a challenge. The above title can be easily broken down...

Lattes = Cassidy
Tantrums = Moi
Spas = Us (when I'm behaving)

Let me tell you, this is a 24/7 lifestyle. Some may think PAE's don't do squat, but I'm here to give you the lowdown...we are the lifeline and when our fab-U-lous superiors snap their fingers-- we're on it like rice on white. Otherwise, I'll be kissing my sweet BMW convertible good bye. Because, frankly, who will make my car payments if I don't successfully carry out my task. Don't get me wrong, I've hit the jackpot when I landed this superfly job with Cassidy. She's a dream to work for (and a witch when she's PMS-ing). Thank goodness she is too busy to read blogs or I may be minus a manicure this week.

It's hard work mingling with celebs, spies, and, I mean, clients. What a change from her previous employment. I still can't believe she's an author..but once Cassidy puts her mind to something she really beats all odds to achieve it. It was just last December that she started writing and now she's published! Whoooeeee, it still boggles the mind. I was there when she got the e-mail and I was there when she called Ben and Angelina...they were estatic for her. They offered to name their first child after her if it was a she..but our dear Cassidy declined, stating it was their firstborn and it should be a precious decision to choose wisely. Can you believe that? She is such a gracious individual..cough cough...I tend to believe she would like to be the only Cassidy in the world if she had her didn't hear it from me. I think the second person she called was Jax. Now, there's a sweetheart for you. The woman is so driven she'll probably drive herself into the ground. Smoochies, dear, you know I love you!

Anywoo, I hear the Super Diva calling me from the office. She's awful when I don't drop everything for her...but can't help not loving her. Humm, maybe now would be a good time to approach her on that raise.

Personal Assistant Extraordinaire